Nothing more interesting to boost your adrenaline than watching an action movie. The other interesting thing is you will hard to find the protagonist. It is like wrapping up the puzzle to decide which is the good and the bad one. Thus, everyone who watches action movie cannot move from their seat. That will happen too while having these best action series you should watch before waving to 2019.

Action series is always worth to wait. No matter how long the new episode will be, the action lovers always follow the update. Moreover, they have a favorite star inside. Some others feel deeper to the cast, just like having a special bonding. If you are wondering which action series that are great, here are the best action series you should watch:

1. The Rookie

You can watch this movie on ABC. The Rookie was one of creation from ABC Studios in collaboration with The Mark Gordon Company. This TV series tells about the oldest rookie in Los Angeles Police Department. As the oldest rookie, John Nolan must do a dangerous and unpredictable job. There are lots of surprise here because the story was adated from the real case of LAPD.

2. Jack Ryan

Unlike The Rookie, Jack Ryan movie series was adapted from a fictional character called “Ryanverse”. This movie was first released in August 2018 on Prime Video. But then in 2018 Amazon renewed the series, then the second season was on the screen in October 2019. The story is about Ryan who works as security. In the first season, he must deal with an Islamic extremist. While in the second season, Ryan must be involved in political propaganda and other governments problems.

3. The Punisher

If you are the real lover of Marvel, then you must watch The Punisher. It is based on Marvel’s comic character. Steve Lightfoot especially made this movie for Netflix. In November 2017, The Punisher was finally available on streaming line. The Punishers shows you about someone who discovers the truth. At the first season, it relates to family life. Then the second one gets more complicated because it is about a murderer.

4. Hanna

Hanna series was actually based on its film on Prime Video in 2011. But in February 2019 people can watch it on Amazone Video. In March 2019, finally, the full eight-episode of Hanna’s first season was available. Then, in April 2019, the second season came after Amazone renewed it. Until now the season and episode are still running. So, don’t miss its storyline which tells you about a 15-year-old girl. She was being haunted by someone called Marissa. If you are curious about why Hanna’s life is so dangerous, then get this movie now.

5. Treadstone

This movie comes from the Bourne film series that USA Network launched in September 2019 as its premier. Yes, this movie is still fresh to watch. Treadstone is a project name for the CIA to recruit people. They want to change these people become assassins. The deadly missions, a moral problem, until a unique personality from each assassin are very amazing.

If you watch these movies to accompany you in New Year’s Eve, then that is a great decision. But you can start to watch marathon from now. Because, actually, there are still lots of best action series you should watch in 2019.