Being haunted by paparazzi is suck for celebrities. However, they cannot avoid this at all due to their popularity. Their life is always interesting to be followed. Thus, paparazzi spy them whenever they are. Surprisingly, some celebrities have tricks to get away from them. It is shocking and kind of brilliant. If you are wondering what they have done, then read shocking ways celebrities do to trick paparazzi below.

You might be wondering why celebrities get angry with the paparazzi. Is it their consequence as famous people? Indeed, you are true, but however, they desire a private moment too. There is a time when they won’t get published. Just themselves and people around. On the other hand, sometimes paparazzi shoot without having permission. Even worse, they created the not-true story. That is why shocking ways celebrities do to trick paparazzi are so interesting to know.

1. Taylor Swift

Our lovely “Shake It Off” has a brilliant way to avoid paparazzi. She walks backward after feeling uncomfortable followed by someone with a camera. She confessed that she started doing this since 2015 when having a hiking trail.  Her photo while walking backward was getting viral through Tumblr and her fans’ pages. She had a guide who told her the turn. So, she won’t get slip at all.

2. Daniel Radcliffe

“Harry Potter” also has a smart idea for paparazzi. We know that he is a rich man and very humble. This personality is used to trick paparazzi. He wore the same jacket for six months. He thinks that it would not make paparazzi interests to take his photo with the same outfit. However, Daniel Radcliffe changed his cloth inside even wearing the same jacket and hat. He did this while he appeared in his film “Equus”.

3. Dustin Hoffman

Playing hide and seek could be the alternative to trick paparazzi. Dustin Hoffman tried this, and he confessed that it was fun. Actually, he just couldn’t find another way than hiding behind the post box. His photo while hiding got viral until he interviewed with James Corden in The Late Late Show. There he shared his strategy to get away from paparazzi.

4. Jaden Smith

Have you ever seen the photo of Kylie Jenner with an Iron Man on the street? No, she was not in a street fashion show or joining a cosplay competition. The Iron Man was Jaden Smith, his friend. In that picture, Kylie Jenner was walking with her girlfriend and the other two men. Jaden Smith did this because he won’t be followed by paparazzi. Instead of avoiding them, Jaden impressed paparazzi with the camouflage.

5. Leonardo DiCaprio

He was not only smart on the frame, but also in avoiding paparazzi. Lately, he did a camouflage that amused his fans at the same time. He hid under his hat and zip his jacket until covered his face. In the other time, he hid under the umbrella and walked along the street. The tricks became memes in many media.

Seeing how paparazzi annoyed the celebrities, it is normal when those famous people use violence. But, however, it is not proper. Moreover, they are public figure that people admire them. Probably they have to explore shocking ways celebrities do to trick paparazzi. So, they won’t do any bad things.