Small businesses can grow bigger if you apply correct marketing strategies. However, it is not always easy to find low budget small business ideas with high profit. There are many things that you have to consider well before determining the business you are going to develop. Here is a list of best small business opportunities that will offer you high income.

#1. Meal Kit Sales and Delivery

In this modern era with a busy lifestyle, more and more people get reluctant to shop for food ingredients and prepare their own food. However, this phenomenon can be a business opportunity for people with creating a brain and a high sense of business. You can offer solutions for those busy people by letting them pick up recipes online. The clients will get the recipes along with meal kits completed with pre-chopped and measured ingredients as well as cooking instructions. You will deliver the package to your clients’ homes at the chosen time.  

#2. Software Engineering and Development

If you have skills and proper knowledge, you can start a software and engineering development business. It is a great business opportunity that can offer $100,000 on average per year. Your tasks include create, test, and maintain software used on various platforms. Software engineering and development can also become an ideal home-based business since it features ease of remote access and cloud computing. 

#3. FBA Sales 

FBA sales or Fulfillment by Amazon sales is one of the best small business opportunities you can try to establish to get additional income. The business will make it possible for you to market your products and services through platforms provided by Amazon. This is a great business to try since Amazon will do all the jobs. The company will handle things such as storage, shipping, packing, returns, and other tasks for you. All you need to do is ship your products to the fulfillment center of Amazon. The retail company will then make the product listings on their store. 

#4. Self Storage Units

One of the best small business opportunities you can build is self-storage units. The business is getting popular now due to some good reasons. Downsizing homeowners, transient workforce, and the increasing number of people to accumulate more possessions make this business has the potential to grow in the future. Providing storage spaces that will allow people to rent self-storage units to keep their belongings for a certain period will be very profitable. You can visit websites that apply a web-based calculator to help you calculate your profit based on rental income, operating expenses, and estimated capital expenses.