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Simple Way of How To Subscribe Disney+ You Should Know

Big fans of Disney maybe feels frustrated to wait for the next cinema movie which will air only one or two in a year. But now, Disney gives a place to see all of the movies and series right into your TV. Here is how to subscribe Disney+, a place you can see all Disney films exclusively.

1. Open the Disney+ Website in Your Web Browser

The first thing before watching Disney movie in Disney+ is you have to register an account. To make this process easier, open the disney+ website on your computer or laptop.

Type Disney+ on the search bar, then hit the enter button. Wait and click After that, you will see some logos like Disney, Marvel, Pixar and etc.

There is also a login button. If you already a member, tap login. If you are not, continue to the next step.

2. Tap Start a Free Trial or Buy Now

The second step is choosing a free trial or subscribe to Disney plus. If you only want to subscribe Disney tap buy now.

If you are still confused and want to try first, choose free trial. This free trial will end in several days then you have to pay the subscription charge if you want to see Disney+ again.

3. Enter Your Email Address

The next steps are entering an email address. Type your active email address. It is because all information and promotion will be sent through the email.

After entering the email address, tap continues. Then, make a unique combination between the number and alphabet to make a unique password.

The password needs at least six characters including a number or special character. Remember it by your self or let the browser save it for you. Then, tap continues.

4. Choose Subscription Options

There are two options here. The first is to subscribe monthly, and the second is a yearly subscription. If you choose the monthly subscriptions, you have to renew in the next month.

If you are new fans of Disney and still want to try this service for a while, this is the best option. But if you are loving Disney more than anything just hit the year subs button.

If you calculate and compare between those options you will find that a year subscription is cheaper. For some countries, the monthly payment is $6.99/month and $69.99/year. It means that if you subscribe to  Disney+ for a year, you just like buying them for 10 months and get free 2 months.

5. Enter Your Payment Information

The last step is filling the payment method. You can pay it with a credit card, or any payment methods according to what they allow your country.

This payment information will exist even you only want to use the free trial. So if you don’t want to extend the subscription, you can simply cancel the subscription later.

After typing all the information needed, click agree and subscribe. Directly after clicking those buttons, you can stream all Disney+ movies from android phones, TV or other gadgets. That’s all the steps of how to subscribe to Disney+, the next step is just to relax, and enjoy the movies.

5 Best Action Series You Should Watch Before 2020

Nothing more interesting to boost your adrenaline than watching an action movie. The other interesting thing is you will hard to find the protagonist. It is like wrapping up the puzzle to decide which is the good and the bad one. Thus, everyone who watches action movie cannot move from their seat. That will happen too while having these best action series you should watch before waving to 2019.

Action series is always worth to wait. No matter how long the new episode will be, the action lovers always follow the update. Moreover, they have a favorite star inside. Some others feel deeper to the cast, just like having a special bonding. If you are wondering which action series that are great, here are the best action series you should watch:

1. The Rookie

You can watch this movie on ABC. The Rookie was one of creation from ABC Studios in collaboration with The Mark Gordon Company. This TV series tells about the oldest rookie in Los Angeles Police Department. As the oldest rookie, John Nolan must do a dangerous and unpredictable job. There are lots of surprise here because the story was adated from the real case of LAPD.

2. Jack Ryan

Unlike The Rookie, Jack Ryan movie series was adapted from a fictional character called “Ryanverse”. This movie was first released in August 2018 on Prime Video. But then in 2018 Amazon renewed the series, then the second season was on the screen in October 2019. The story is about Ryan who works as security. In the first season, he must deal with an Islamic extremist. While in the second season, Ryan must be involved in political propaganda and other governments problems.

3. The Punisher

If you are the real lover of Marvel, then you must watch The Punisher. It is based on Marvel’s comic character. Steve Lightfoot especially made this movie for Netflix. In November 2017, The Punisher was finally available on streaming line. The Punishers shows you about someone who discovers the truth. At the first season, it relates to family life. Then the second one gets more complicated because it is about a murderer.

4. Hanna

Hanna series was actually based on its film on Prime Video in 2011. But in February 2019 people can watch it on Amazone Video. In March 2019, finally, the full eight-episode of Hanna’s first season was available. Then, in April 2019, the second season came after Amazone renewed it. Until now the season and episode are still running. So, don’t miss its storyline which tells you about a 15-year-old girl. She was being haunted by someone called Marissa. If you are curious about why Hanna’s life is so dangerous, then get this movie now.

5. Treadstone

This movie comes from the Bourne film series that USA Network launched in September 2019 as its premier. Yes, this movie is still fresh to watch. Treadstone is a project name for the CIA to recruit people. They want to change these people become assassins. The deadly missions, a moral problem, until a unique personality from each assassin are very amazing.

If you watch these movies to accompany you in New Year’s Eve, then that is a great decision. But you can start to watch marathon from now. Because, actually, there are still lots of best action series you should watch in 2019.

Some Reason Why People Love to Watch Audition Programs

Why do people watch audition programs? These questions are questions that underlie an analysis of the reasons people watch audition programs. This question becomes important given the amount of public interest in following, participating and watching the audition program. Here are the reasons why people love to watch audition programs.

Motivation is The First Reason

It is the first answer to answer the question above. Motivation is the reason people do things. Motivation is influenced by external factors, namely reward, and punishment. In this case, the audition program usually offers rewards.

For those audition participants, a program offers many things, namely prizes, opportunities to be famous and contracts with famous companies. For participants, the rewards are interesting.

Because they can get the rewards immediately when they can defeat the other contestants. Even for the viewers who send SMS support, they get a reward that is the gift of a car, cell phone, and others.

In addition, internal factors also influence community motivation. Looking for satisfaction is the first factor. Satisfaction for the participants can show their abilities, beating tens of thousands of talent owners.

For those sending SMS, the satisfaction offered is when the hero they support becomes the champion. For the viewers the satisfaction they get is entertainment, where they can get relaxation, enjoyment, tension, entertainment, tranquility, and so forth for free.

Competence Factor

The next factor is competence. This factor is packaging cleverly by the audition program makers very well. The competency offered is that anyone with talent can easily become famous and become a high-income artist.

With an “official” route, namely through a famous company, becoming an artist is not an easy thing to achieve. In other words, autonomy becomes the next thing that causes people to be motivated to watch the audition program. The words “you decide” are often say from presenters to spur viewers’ autonomy.

These words give someone a suggestion of autonomy when the winner’s hero wins is determined by the viewers themselves. Viewers were suggested as if they had a veto on the audition program contestant’s win.

The Third Reason is Preception

The organizer of the audition program cleverly directs the perception of the public watching the audition program. Expectations and motivation is the influence of perceptual factors. Expectations to be an artist and famous in explored well. This is strong by information from the media that affects people’s perceptions. That’s why people love to watch audition programs

The figure of an artist or celebrity with all their lives and actions is exposed to the maximum by the media and makes many people aspire to become artists. We can see this by the growth of artist management, artist schools, modeling schools, photo model contests, artist auditions, and others.

In addition, the perception factor also influence from the community experience. Many people are trying to become artists but even though they have tried hard, still they fail to realize their dreams. Many management artists offer to become famous, but only as a cover for covert prostitution, extortion, and fraud.

This makes people look for other alternatives to become artists easily and quickly. Without cost or without being victims of irresponsible people. For that, the audition program aired on television can overcome this, to convince the audience to enjoy the real event.

Those are some of the reasons why people like watching television programs on television. This is contrary to a soap opera that contains only fictitious. In addition, the public also felt entertained by watching the audition program.

5 Super Shocking Ways Celebrities Do to Trick Paparazzi

Being haunted by paparazzi is suck for celebrities. However, they cannot avoid this at all due to their popularity. Their life is always interesting to be followed. Thus, paparazzi spy them whenever they are. Surprisingly, some celebrities have tricks to get away from them. It is shocking and kind of brilliant. If you are wondering what they have done, then read shocking ways celebrities do to trick paparazzi below.

You might be wondering why celebrities get angry with the paparazzi. Is it their consequence as famous people? Indeed, you are true, but however, they desire a private moment too. There is a time when they won’t get published. Just themselves and people around. On the other hand, sometimes paparazzi shoot without having permission. Even worse, they created the not-true story. That is why shocking ways celebrities do to trick paparazzi are so interesting to know.

1. Taylor Swift

Our lovely “Shake It Off” has a brilliant way to avoid paparazzi. She walks backward after feeling uncomfortable followed by someone with a camera. She confessed that she started doing this since 2015 when having a hiking trail.  Her photo while walking backward was getting viral through Tumblr and her fans’ pages. She had a guide who told her the turn. So, she won’t get slip at all.

2. Daniel Radcliffe

“Harry Potter” also has a smart idea for paparazzi. We know that he is a rich man and very humble. This personality is used to trick paparazzi. He wore the same jacket for six months. He thinks that it would not make paparazzi interests to take his photo with the same outfit. However, Daniel Radcliffe changed his cloth inside even wearing the same jacket and hat. He did this while he appeared in his film “Equus”.

3. Dustin Hoffman

Playing hide and seek could be the alternative to trick paparazzi. Dustin Hoffman tried this, and he confessed that it was fun. Actually, he just couldn’t find another way than hiding behind the post box. His photo while hiding got viral until he interviewed with James Corden in The Late Late Show. There he shared his strategy to get away from paparazzi.

4. Jaden Smith

Have you ever seen the photo of Kylie Jenner with an Iron Man on the street? No, she was not in a street fashion show or joining a cosplay competition. The Iron Man was Jaden Smith, his friend. In that picture, Kylie Jenner was walking with her girlfriend and the other two men. Jaden Smith did this because he won’t be followed by paparazzi. Instead of avoiding them, Jaden impressed paparazzi with the camouflage.

5. Leonardo DiCaprio

He was not only smart on the frame, but also in avoiding paparazzi. Lately, he did a camouflage that amused his fans at the same time. He hid under his hat and zip his jacket until covered his face. In the other time, he hid under the umbrella and walked along the street. The tricks became memes in many media.

Seeing how paparazzi annoyed the celebrities, it is normal when those famous people use violence. But, however, it is not proper. Moreover, they are public figure that people admire them. Probably they have to explore shocking ways celebrities do to trick paparazzi. So, they won’t do any bad things.

The Latest Educational Issues in the News That You Need to Know

Many current educational issues in the news need to be paid attention to. Education is one of the most important things that we have in our lives. It is a process that allows us to develop a reasoning ability and many useful skills as humans. That is why it is important for us to know the problems that are occurring in the world of education nowadays. That way, we might be able to find the best solutions to the issues that we might find regarding education. Here is what you need to know about the latest educational issues.

Why Should I Know About It?

The first thing that you need to figure out before you start discussing the actual issues in the education world is why you should know about them. But rather than just knowing about the educational issues in the world, it is way better if you are also aware of them. Awareness will lead to solutions and that is essentially what it is all about.

There are numerous reasons why you should know the current educational issues in the news. If you know and are aware of them, you are going to be able to see the challenges that are faced in education. Therefore, you will know how to overcome those challenges to create a better education for ourselves.

What Issues Are Faced in Education?

There are so many issues that education is facing right now. These issues cause an imperfection in the education system, preventing students from studying in the best way they possibly can. That is why it is important for us to acknowledge these issues.

The issues that are faced in education involve a wide range of topics. There are issues in the curriculum, student’s mental health, the effectiveness of free schools, and so many more. All you need to do is to do a little bit of research in news media that deliver educational news to know all about them.


When it comes to education, everyone needs to participate. We cannot deny the importance and significance of education in our lives. And the easiest way to care about our education is to be aware of the issues that the education world is currently facing. The best part about it is the fact that researching issues in education are easy. All you need to do is find the best and actual news media that you can find. Knowing the educational issues in the news is a step forward to finding the solution to those issues.

4 Sites for Accurate Celebrity Hot News

There are now many sites to read celebrity hot news. However, are you sure that all of them giving you accurate information? Well, in fact, it is not always like that. Some sites often only spread issues in which the truth cannot be proven. Well, in case you know the real story about celebrities, some sites are highly recommended. You should not worry since they indeed have known to be trusted and credible. Here they are.


People is originally not a site for gossiping celebrity although entertainment is indeed its main focus. But sure, due to the high interest of people toward their life, this site and magazine also provide you juicy gossip in the end. But you should not worry; it is claimed that the information given by the People is not only hot but also accurate. The news is basically revealed from trusted sources anyway. So, it is really recommended to subscribe to this one.


TMZ is known as the first site that gives information about celebrities. There are even many gossips and issues about who the insiders of this site. Interestingly, it is not only spreading news or issues. The information given by TMZ is also guaranteed to be accurate. Yes, unbelievable news like the divorce of Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt was released by TMZ at the beginning. Initially, people just don’t want to believe it. But then, it is proven that the couple didn’t not only split but there are still further problems following behind. Yes, it is TMZ guys.

E! News

E! News is the further development of a popular show broadcasted in the weekend. Yes, the popular TV show itself has a unique concept to publish what happens to Hollywood celebrity. Then, the same thing is also on the website. Since the management of Entertainment Tonight and E! News itself is really credible, it is reasonable if the content also has the same image.

 Yahoo Entertainment

Yahoo Entertainment is the best place to visit if you just want to know the latest update about celebrities. More than just gossip like dating and feud, it also gives you much more information about music and movies. Even reviews of currently-released music and movies are also available here also. Meanwhile, there are also videos to watch related to those celebrities and their works. Do you want to see what currently wears by them? Make sure to check out in galleries of Yahoo Entertainment.

Today’s Entertainment News Mostly Buzzed

Todays entertainment news, what are being buzzed by people currently? The glam life of celebrities is just interested by many people. People are not only looking for their recent works like their music and film. More than that, they just want to know their personal life. Sure, you are probably one of them. Today, there is news from some celebrities that you should not miss out. Here they are.

Cody Simpson has crushed on Miley Cyrus since he was a kid

After being divorced from Liam Hemsworth, Miley Cyrus proves that she doesn’t find any difficulty to move on. In a short time after that, she then had a relationship with a blogger namely Kaitlynn Carter. Unfortunately, their relationship cannot be kept any longer when they are reported to breakup. The most surprising thing is when the paparazzi have captured a loving moment of Miley with Gigi Hadid’s ex-boyfriend, Cody Simpson. Both are seen walking together and kissing in the area of LA. Based on the statement of Cody, he revealed that he has a crush on Miley even since he was a kid.

Anwar Hadid wears the same colorful nail polish as Dua Lipa

The relationship between Anwar Hadid and Dua Lipa successfully steals public attention. Well, although they are still a new lovey-dovey, both look really intimate even in public areas. Although she is 4 years older than Anwar, Dua seems not to have any problem at all. Yes, the singer looks really comfortable with him. Uniquely, some fashion items they wear are just the same. Anwar even uses the same nail polish as Dua. How cute.

The Transformation of Sam Smith from Manly to Feminine

It is not surprising when Sam Smith revealed that he was gay not a long time ago. Now, some photos of him are spreading on the internet. Currently after his breakup with Brandon Flynn, he is just getting more feminine. Some years ago, it is proven that she is still manly with his dashing and gallant body. But now, he seems to be more confident with who he is. In the latest photos, it is seen that Sam wears makeup like mascara and lip gloss.

Maddison Brown is Liam Hemsworth’s new girlfriend?

Not only Miley Cyrus that has moved on, it looks like her ex, Liam Hemsworth is doing the same thing also. Yes, the actor is reported to date an actress Maddison Brown. Both are seen in New York, holding hands while kissing although many people around are just watching them.

Top 4 Entertainment News Today Headlines

So, what is entertainment news today headlines? The celebrity world is indeed really interesting to follow. Well, it is just so exciting to know the latest news about them starting from their love and relationship, friendship, career, to their money. Today, there is the latest news about them buzzed by their fans and people. Some of them are concluded as follows.

Selena Gomez’s song is indicated for Justin Bieber

Selena Gomez released her new song entitled Lose You to Love Me. From the lyrics, it is known that the song is actually about how to love ourselves. But a part of the song seems to tell about how Justin went from her life; In two months you replaced us, like it was easy, made me think I deserved it, in the thick of healing. So, what do you think? Is the song is for her ex, Justin Bieber?

Hailey’s Reaction to Selena’s New Song

In fact, Justin Bieber has been married to the model, Hailey Baldwin. So, how is Hailey’s reaction following Selena’s new release? Well, from some sources, it is told that Hailey is really annoyed with it. the girl even uploaded her Instastory; a song by Jhene Aiko entitled I’ll Kill You. The lyric of the song is about those people who can even kill others who try to approach their spouses.

Kylie Jenner and Stormi’s Halloween

Now, from the drama, let’s move to lighter news. Halloween is only a few days later and many celebrities seem to prepare their costumes. This Halloween, Stormi is just dressed up to make her a little Kylie. One of them is when the toddler wears the replica of Versace purple mermaid gown Kylie has worn in the Met Gala Night of 2019. The dress itself was ordered in the Design House of Alejandro Collection. Sure, it is not the only costume Kylie gives to her daughter. She seems to give her even more days later.

Pete Davidson dates Kaia Gerber?

The name Pete Davidson is getting more popular after once, he engaged Ariana Grande. But after their breakup, Pete has dated some women like Kate Beckinsale and Margaret Qualley. But it seems that their relationships cannot be longer. Currently, not so long from the relationship between Pete and Margaret is over, he is seen to spend his time with the model, Kaia Gerber. Well, they just look so good while enjoying breakfast in a restaurant in New York.