Get sick of your boyfriend, husband, brothers, or sons who can’t leave their video games? Are you curious why do guys play video games so much? You’ll get everything you’ve been asking here because now we’ll discuss men and game addiction.

According to some researches, there are multiple reasons why men seem more into games than women are. And these are some reasons why game addiction happens to men in your circumstance.

Men’s Logic Performs Better

First is because the men’s logic is more active than women’s are. Just the same reason why men read a map better than women, their brains perform better on the complex situation. On the contrary, women will seek an “escape” by doing social interaction – such as tell their feelings to friends.

With their fast-paced mind – thanks to the dopamine hormone -, men need a media to satisfy their brains. And gaming is absolutely the best thing they need in life.

Men like Challenges

We’re still going to speak about men’s dopamine hormone. In fact, dopamine is a hormone that plays an important role to give us excitement, zeal, and will to finish things. In short – dopamine hormone is something that makes us feel alive.

According to research, men have this hormone more than women do, and it makes them love challenges a lot. Do you ever see some pupils who like to pick up a fight? Wondered why do guys play a video game every day? It is because their dopamine is active, and the same reason just goes for their game addiction.

Men’s Mentality Matures Slower than Women

Many scientists have conducted researches on this topic, and the conclusions are always the same. Rather than women, men mature slower than women do. If we make a comparison on this, we could say that when a woman reaches 25, her mentality’s age is the same. However, a 25-year-old man tends to have a younger mentality than his age.

That’s why we often find adult men collect toys and robots, and also – addicted to video games. In other words, a man is actually a 10 years old boy who’s trapped on an adult body

Visual Escape Is Important For Men

Man is a visual human, he likes everything attractive physically. Hence, men love to see beautiful women, graphs, and designs. And video games are a wonderful resource to satisfy their need for visual entertainment.

Since the increase in video games is exhilarating nowadays, men who are really into games are increasing as well. So why do guys play video games a lot, you ask? That’s because there are plenty of new video games out there.

Mirror Neurons Mostly Be Found On Logical Brains

This is the newest research why men become game addicts. A mirror neuron is part of the brain that makes us could reflex things that happen to others. Besides, it makes us could sympathize easily with others’ experiences.

Based on the conducted researches, every human has mirror neurons in its brain, but a man gets it more than a woman does. And when they see most video games’ stories about saving the world, solving criminal cases, men will be so interested.

That’s all the answer to why do guys play video games so much (or too much?). Given these points, we must understand that liking video games is one of the men’s natures. However, we still have to attempt so they don’t play too much until they forget to live normally.