There are now many sites to read celebrity hot news. However, are you sure that all of them giving you accurate information? Well, in fact, it is not always like that. Some sites often only spread issues in which the truth cannot be proven. Well, in case you know the real story about celebrities, some sites are highly recommended. You should not worry since they indeed have known to be trusted and credible. Here they are.


People is originally not a site for gossiping celebrity although entertainment is indeed its main focus. But sure, due to the high interest of people toward their life, this site and magazine also provide you juicy gossip in the end. But you should not worry; it is claimed that the information given by the People is not only hot but also accurate. The news is basically revealed from trusted sources anyway. So, it is really recommended to subscribe to this one.


TMZ is known as the first site that gives information about celebrities. There are even many gossips and issues about who the insiders of this site. Interestingly, it is not only spreading news or issues. The information given by TMZ is also guaranteed to be accurate. Yes, unbelievable news like the divorce of Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt was released by TMZ at the beginning. Initially, people just don’t want to believe it. But then, it is proven that the couple didn’t not only split but there are still further problems following behind. Yes, it is TMZ guys.

E! News

E! News is the further development of a popular show broadcasted in the weekend. Yes, the popular TV show itself has a unique concept to publish what happens to Hollywood celebrity. Then, the same thing is also on the website. Since the management of Entertainment Tonight and E! News itself is really credible, it is reasonable if the content also has the same image.

 Yahoo Entertainment

Yahoo Entertainment is the best place to visit if you just want to know the latest update about celebrities. More than just gossip like dating and feud, it also gives you much more information about music and movies. Even reviews of currently-released music and movies are also available here also. Meanwhile, there are also videos to watch related to those celebrities and their works. Do you want to see what currently wears by them? Make sure to check out in galleries of Yahoo Entertainment.