Europe is one of the best and favorite Continent not only for traveling but also for education. Last year high school students from around the world in droves to continue their studies in Europe. One of the favorite major that is demand here is Art. Most students seek for top colleges to study arts in Europe.

Europe is rich in culture and historical places. A perfect place for art students to develop their sense of art. Even tourism chooses Europe as their travel destination for its art. Some people often say that art was born here. Many scholarships are available for International and Local Students, with an internship in it. However, not all majors and classes are available in English. Some of them are present in local languages. These are some of the top Colleges to study arts in Europe:

1. Royal College of Art

Located in the UK, the Royal College of Art is on the world’s oldest art university. It was established in 1837. This college places the first rank in QS World University Rank for art and design major, consistently for five years. Therefore, no wonder the Royal College is one of the most favorite art school in the world. Up to 40% of the graduated students became third-highest rating artists and designers. The competition to apply here is quite high, therefore students must prepare.

2. University of the Arts London

University of the Arts London, a university that people knows as UAL. Like the Royal College of Art, this famous and popular university is located in the UK. The teaching staff in this college are consists of professional practitioners, artists, and even theorists. Students could also join culture and social events held by the Campus, which are also participated by expert keynote speakers. This activity can give them extra credits and of course experience too.

3. Politecnico di Milano

Moving out of the UK, the next top college is in Italy. Even though Politecnico di Milano is a technical university, but it has an outstanding art program. It is a student-friendly campus because it has many student associations. It is all in English language, so it could be easily followed by all International Students. The subjects are also very useful in a technic side of view.

4. Aalto University

The top colleges to study arts are not always an old senior University. Aalto University proves that even though it was established in 2010, it has already been ranked top 10 in art. The unique part of this university is one uniting the student’s interests and career goals.

5. Glasgow School of Art

The Glasgow School of Art, or people knows it as GSA. It is an independent art school that has produced much influential and successful artist. Also, GSA is located in the top cultural and creative space in the UK. A perfect place for art students to develop.

So, for students that are seeking Top Colleges to Study Arts in Europe, those are the best five colleges in Europe. Make sure to apply on time and purpose the best portfolio to fascinate them.