Big fans of Disney maybe feels frustrated to wait for the next cinema movie which will air only one or two in a year. But now, Disney gives a place to see all of the movies and series right into your TV. Here is how to subscribe Disney+, a place you can see all Disney films exclusively.

1. Open the Disney+ Website in Your Web Browser

The first thing before watching Disney movie in Disney+ is you have to register an account. To make this process easier, open the disney+ website on your computer or laptop.

Type Disney+ on the search bar, then hit the enter button. Wait and click After that, you will see some logos like Disney, Marvel, Pixar and etc.

There is also a login button. If you already a member, tap login. If you are not, continue to the next step.

2. Tap Start a Free Trial or Buy Now

The second step is choosing a free trial or subscribe to Disney plus. If you only want to subscribe Disney tap buy now.

If you are still confused and want to try first, choose free trial. This free trial will end in several days then you have to pay the subscription charge if you want to see Disney+ again.

3. Enter Your Email Address

The next steps are entering an email address. Type your active email address. It is because all information and promotion will be sent through the email.

After entering the email address, tap continues. Then, make a unique combination between the number and alphabet to make a unique password.

The password needs at least six characters including a number or special character. Remember it by your self or let the browser save it for you. Then, tap continues.

4. Choose Subscription Options

There are two options here. The first is to subscribe monthly, and the second is a yearly subscription. If you choose the monthly subscriptions, you have to renew in the next month.

If you are new fans of Disney and still want to try this service for a while, this is the best option. But if you are loving Disney more than anything just hit the year subs button.

If you calculate and compare between those options you will find that a year subscription is cheaper. For some countries, the monthly payment is $6.99/month and $69.99/year. It means that if you subscribe to  Disney+ for a year, you just like buying them for 10 months and get free 2 months.

5. Enter Your Payment Information

The last step is filling the payment method. You can pay it with a credit card, or any payment methods according to what they allow your country.

This payment information will exist even you only want to use the free trial. So if you don’t want to extend the subscription, you can simply cancel the subscription later.

After typing all the information needed, click agree and subscribe. Directly after clicking those buttons, you can stream all Disney+ movies from android phones, TV or other gadgets. That’s all the steps of how to subscribe to Disney+, the next step is just to relax, and enjoy the movies.