When we are talking about marketing, many people will relate it with market, sales, and customers. Well, they are right because the truth is marketing closely linked with those three aspects. Moreover, marketing what it is, is actually a business term that expert has defined in a million different ways. Well, it is not really million but, there are a lot of marketing definition out there. 

Generally, marketing is a management process that is started from the process of the making of the products or services through its concepts and how these products and services is safely distributed to the hands of its customers. These processes are typically including  classification of the products, deciding on the demands and needs, deciding the best price, and choosing the distribution channels for the products. Furthermore, it is also including the process of developing and implementing a marketing strategies. 

In addition, to understand further regarding marketing what it is, it is also essential for you to know about what is the marketing strategy that is usually used in marketing. Commonly, there is to initial marketing strategy which are business to business strategy or B2B marketing and business to customers strategy or B2C marketing strategy. Among the  two, the most favourable strategy is the business to customers or B2C marketing strategy. 

Apart from those two initial marketing strategy, there are still so many marketing strategies that are available out there. The first one is paid advertising. This kind of marketing strategy combines several of marketing strategies such as traditional methods where it is rely on media printing advertising. Internet marketing also includes in this marketing strategy. The next marketing strategy is cause marketing, it is a technique of marketing where the marketing relate the products and services of their company to a social cause or problem. Another type of marketing strategy is that relationship marketing. Generally, this kind of marketing strategy lays its focus on building its relationship with the consumers. Therefore, it could enhance the existing relationship between the marketer and the customers to further improve the customers loyalty towards the marketers.   

Additionally, there are many more marketing strategies that are available out there such as undercover marketing, word of mouth marketing, transactional marketing, and diversity marketing. Over all, beside knowing marketing what it is, you should know about marketing strategy too. Because, marketing strategy will help the marketer to promote and advertise their product easier.