Todays entertainment news, what are being buzzed by people currently? The glam life of celebrities is just interested by many people. People are not only looking for their recent works like their music and film. More than that, they just want to know their personal life. Sure, you are probably one of them. Today, there is news from some celebrities that you should not miss out. Here they are.

Cody Simpson has crushed on Miley Cyrus since he was a kid

After being divorced from Liam Hemsworth, Miley Cyrus proves that she doesn’t find any difficulty to move on. In a short time after that, she then had a relationship with a blogger namely Kaitlynn Carter. Unfortunately, their relationship cannot be kept any longer when they are reported to breakup. The most surprising thing is when the paparazzi have captured a loving moment of Miley with Gigi Hadid’s ex-boyfriend, Cody Simpson. Both are seen walking together and kissing in the area of LA. Based on the statement of Cody, he revealed that he has a crush on Miley even since he was a kid.

Anwar Hadid wears the same colorful nail polish as Dua Lipa

The relationship between Anwar Hadid and Dua Lipa successfully steals public attention. Well, although they are still a new lovey-dovey, both look really intimate even in public areas. Although she is 4 years older than Anwar, Dua seems not to have any problem at all. Yes, the singer looks really comfortable with him. Uniquely, some fashion items they wear are just the same. Anwar even uses the same nail polish as Dua. How cute.

The Transformation of Sam Smith from Manly to Feminine

It is not surprising when Sam Smith revealed that he was gay not a long time ago. Now, some photos of him are spreading on the internet. Currently after his breakup with Brandon Flynn, he is just getting more feminine. Some years ago, it is proven that she is still manly with his dashing and gallant body. But now, he seems to be more confident with who he is. In the latest photos, it is seen that Sam wears makeup like mascara and lip gloss.

Maddison Brown is Liam Hemsworth’s new girlfriend?

Not only Miley Cyrus that has moved on, it looks like her ex, Liam Hemsworth is doing the same thing also. Yes, the actor is reported to date an actress Maddison Brown. Both are seen in New York, holding hands while kissing although many people around are just watching them.