Why do people watch audition programs? These questions are questions that underlie an analysis of the reasons people watch audition programs. This question becomes important given the amount of public interest in following, participating and watching the audition program. Here are the reasons why people love to watch audition programs.

Motivation is The First Reason

It is the first answer to answer the question above. Motivation is the reason people do things. Motivation is influenced by external factors, namely reward, and punishment. In this case, the audition program usually offers rewards.

For those audition participants, a program offers many things, namely prizes, opportunities to be famous and contracts with famous companies. For participants, the rewards are interesting.

Because they can get the rewards immediately when they can defeat the other contestants. Even for the viewers who send SMS support, they get a reward that is the gift of a car, cell phone, and others.

In addition, internal factors also influence community motivation. Looking for satisfaction is the first factor. Satisfaction for the participants can show their abilities, beating tens of thousands of talent owners.

For those sending SMS, the satisfaction offered is when the hero they support becomes the champion. For the viewers the satisfaction they get is entertainment, where they can get relaxation, enjoyment, tension, entertainment, tranquility, and so forth for free.

Competence Factor

The next factor is competence. This factor is packaging cleverly by the audition program makers very well. The competency offered is that anyone with talent can easily become famous and become a high-income artist.

With an “official” route, namely through a famous company, becoming an artist is not an easy thing to achieve. In other words, autonomy becomes the next thing that causes people to be motivated to watch the audition program. The words “you decide” are often say from presenters to spur viewers’ autonomy.

These words give someone a suggestion of autonomy when the winner’s hero wins is determined by the viewers themselves. Viewers were suggested as if they had a veto on the audition program contestant’s win.

The Third Reason is Preception

The organizer of the audition program cleverly directs the perception of the public watching the audition program. Expectations and motivation is the influence of perceptual factors. Expectations to be an artist and famous in explored well. This is strong by information from the media that affects people’s perceptions. That’s why people love to watch audition programs

The figure of an artist or celebrity with all their lives and actions is exposed to the maximum by the media and makes many people aspire to become artists. We can see this by the growth of artist management, artist schools, modeling schools, photo model contests, artist auditions, and others.

In addition, the perception factor also influence from the community experience. Many people are trying to become artists but even though they have tried hard, still they fail to realize their dreams. Many management artists offer to become famous, but only as a cover for covert prostitution, extortion, and fraud.

This makes people look for other alternatives to become artists easily and quickly. Without cost or without being victims of irresponsible people. For that, the audition program aired on television can overcome this, to convince the audience to enjoy the real event.

Those are some of the reasons why people like watching television programs on television. This is contrary to a soap opera that contains only fictitious. In addition, the public also felt entertained by watching the audition program.